Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Mood of my Writing Zone

Everyone has a different comfort zone to write in.

A deathly-still library with towering shelves blocking out the world; glowering librarians and thick books instead of egg cartons to soundproof the library from the world.

A clean desk aimed at a window looking out at a lawn bordered with trees housing birds tweeting and chirping along in the background.

A plush armchair in [insert favourite coffee shop chain here] with the bustle of baristas filling up cups and the sounds of the people-watching smorgasbord of readers, browsers, other kinds of tweeters and gossipers going on around you.

None of these are my style.

My comfort zone to write in is my desk facing a once-blank wall covered in notes and maps. More importantly, my comfort zone is the music I pump out in the background to either energise me or block out the ordinary world or create the right mood to write in!

Here are the youtube playlists that keep me company while I write:

When I'm writing a story that needs some nostalgia for a younger me and remembering what being a teen felt like, I need the Britpop and Indie of my disappearing teens:
All that cocky angst channeled into my characters, I hope!

When I'm writing some background or building a landscape, I don't know why but I like to listen to some Bob Marley:
There's something about Marley that just makes me sit back and builds an atmosphere in his songs - just when I need to be building an atmosphere in my stories!!

When I'm writing some action or something dramatic, I love to listen to some orchestral original soundtracks without the distraction of lyrics:
Yes, yes, yes... Tolkien again, but there's something so deliciously moody about the swells of soundtracks for epics! Makes you want to write something dramatically epic to warrant someone creating some of that music for your tale!

When I'm done with a chapter, any music will do!
For the necessary happy dance!!!!!

When I'm done with the book!


  1. I so love the Necessary Hippie Dance! And it's cool how you have themes for different tasks. I just kind of....pick a channel based on where my head's at. Or not. Sometimes it's just me and the hum of the freeway and the kitkat clock...

  2. Gotta do the Carlton! LOL Love it! The mood matters!

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