Monday, March 9, 2015

Letting the Smart People Talk - Inspiring TED Talks

Here at RelentlessWriters we generally talk technique, publishing, or promotion - some aspect of the writing craft that's relevant to writers from across the spectrum. Today's post is going to be a little different, because instead of me telling you what I've learned through my writing journey, I'm going to let some experts do the heavy lifting for me. So pull up a comfortable seat, pop some popcorn, and check out these TED Talks from three very diverse voices..

For starters, check out this thoughtful & funny piece about the importance of story by filmmaker Andrew Stanton. He wrote movies like Finding Nemo and Toy yeah, he knows what he's talking about...

Elizabeth Gilbert has some really brilliant - and encouraging - things to say about creativity and the creative process.

Keep showing up, y'all. 

And finally, this piece by Amanda Palmer gave me a whole lot to think about. She's got some challenging things to say about the intersection between art, the media, and social connection.

I hope you enjoy all three of these talks. If anything strikes you as particularly relevant, please feel free to share your ideas on the comments.