Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pick One Thing and Jump In

Life has taken another twist, propelling me forward and on. That’s what happens when you have a dream (or goal) and work toward it. Even if only a little at a time.

Thinking my manuscript was “ready”, I attended the AtlantaWriting Workshop on February 20 to pitch to three (different) literary agents. Nothing came of that, but during the day’s sessions, my vague suspicion that the story could be better was confirmed.

After the eye-opening “First Page” panel, I cut the first five pages of Peace Makers, giving it a crisper, less background-intensive beginning and leaving more for the reader to discover. But like any remodel, the initial action creates a ton of related work. C’est la vie.

In the last session of the day, Chuck Sambuchino shared a list of things writers can do to feel in control (though we mostly are not), and told us to pick one thing and jump in with both feet. Then when that one is mastered, pick another.

As I would like to widen and broaden my author-platform (my reach, my network of readers and supporters), I chose Twitter.

When asked, half the room admitted to NOT having a Twitter presence, me included.

Chuck reminded us that TWITTER is where literary agents and editors hang out. Meaning a MECCA for unrepresented writers like me. It’s also a way to get the word out about my books, once published.

So, bored with Facebook, and itching to put Chuck’s advice to work, I decided to try Twitter again as my one thing. 

I am shocked and amazed, but I like it!

The pace is fast and brings a stream of fascinating people and topics, mostly of the artistic/literary ilk, any and all of whom are available for interaction, should I have the cajones. Three weeks in, I have 180ish followers with light participation. The more dedicated I am, the more people I meet, the more books, contests, music, you-name-it, I discover.

I like it. I love it. I want some more of it.

Incidentally, I find myself applying Chuck’s advice to life. I had been noodling a couple of business ventures, one for months, and after some agony (steeping), realized both pull me away from my passion, from writing. So the answer is no to both. I have a day-job, writing gets the rest of my attention. Pick one thing and jump in.

Is there something you have been dancing around, wishing and hoping for, dreaming of having or doing, but not getting any closer?

Pick one thing and jump in.

With both feet.

Then tell us about your adventures in the comments.


  1. Pick one and jump in! Great advice!

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