Thursday, December 17, 2015

One Writer's Holiday Gift List

So last week Lisa did a fabulous post on appropriate holiday gifts for writers - jump HERE to check it out, because it's full of really practical ideas. For today's post, I want to riff on that one a little. Like, what does a real writer's Christmas wish list look like? A real writer who's also a nurse practitioner and a mother and a wife? And who just remodeled her kitchen and celebrated a book release or two. You know. Like, say, me...

1. I want someone to do the adulting required to fix my burned-out headlight.

2. I would love a massage and a pedicure. On the same day. Followed up by a gorgeous little cocktail made with a fancy herbal syrup or a liqueur I can't pronounce.

3. No Christmas shopping has been done. Yet. So, if someone could do it for me, that would be awesome.

4. Actually, I think I can handle the shopping, but if someone would wrap the damned presents, I'd be SO happy!

5. More adulting required: My son needs to take his driver's test, so, like, figure out how to schedule it for me, okay? Thanks!

6. Also, if someone could broker a truce between our cat and our dogs, I'd be your friend for life.

7. Amazon Gift Cards. (Because every writer is a reader at heart.)

8. Dish towels that match my new kitchen. (White with primary color accents, in case you need specifics.)

9. Two words: Author Promo. Anything you could do to help would be SO appreciated. Actually, this one should be a lot higher on the list...

10. Peace and happiness, however that works for you.

A couple years ago I went to one of those forced employee training things that administration loves so well, and I took something surprisingly meaningful from it. The organization had decided that instead of treating everyone the way we'd like to be treated, we should treat others the way THEY'D like to be treated. To me, this means paying attention to people and respecting their differences. I'm not perfect at this - far from it, in fact - but that's my goal for this and every other year. It's the least I can do to bring more peace to the world.

Thank you all very much for reading along. Whether you stumbled over my blog posts, picked up one of my books, or did me the great favor of critiquing one of my projects before publication, I'm grateful for your time and attention. And I absolutely wouldn't get far without the friendship and support of other writers, especially the group here at RelentlessWriters. Thanks so much, you guys!

I hope your holidays are joyful, I hope the stressful bits pass quickly, and I hope you get everything on YOUR list. See ya' in 2016!

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