Thursday, September 24, 2015

Five Books You Really Oughta Read

I love posts that tell me about books, though they usually cost me money. Well, hopefully this one will cost you money, too, though your bank account is safe for a while. Because instead of listing books I've already read and loved, I'm listing books that haven't released yet. (Well, I have read a couple of them...okay, half of them...but they're really, really good!) So settle in for a look at the new and upcoming releases I'm most excited about...they're listed in order they'll be released...

3. Stygian by Santino Hassell 

(release date 10/26) I started this list yesterday, without realizing today would be Stygian's cover reveal. Good thing an editing project delayed my post, because WOW the cover is cool! Well worth waiting for, and I'm SO happy to feature it here. I've read some intriguing snippets from Stygian, and the premise - emo rockers in a creepy Louisiana mansion - sounds totally cool. Plus, Santino Hassell brings so much intensity to everything he writes that I know this'll be an amazing ride.

Jump HERE for the blurb and an excerpt on the SinfullySexy blog.
Jump HERE to pre-order from the publisher, Dreamspinner Press.

1. Real World by Amy Jo Cousins 

(release date 11/17) This is the fifth book in Amy's fantastic Bend or Break series, and the cover reveal was just the other day. Real World picks up the story of Tom and Reese, whose falling-in-love happened in the first book, Off Campus. I loved them then, and this story is a wonderful follow-up. I had the chance to read Real World, and there's a lot of life's wisdom worked into the funny, sweet, and naughty bits. I recommend this book for fans of the series - or for anyone who likes to see a couple grow together, work stuff out, and stay in love. Of course, if you haven't read Off Campus yet, you totally should. Because Reece! And Tom! And Cash!

Jump HERE to pre-order on Amazon.

2. You Can Leave Your Boots On by Irene Preston

(release date 11/10) Travis and Bo. Oh. My. Word.
*fans self*
In case you can't tell, I've read You Can Leave Your Boots On, too, and boy howdy is it fun. This is an "opposites attract" story with the sexiest blind date ever. Travis is a gay liberal from Austin, and Bo's a "cowboy-boot-wearing, meat-eating, truck-driving ode to masculinity". Bo's not gay - he just likes to have sex with men. Travis is open about his orientation and he won't live with a lover who's in the closet. Can you see their problem? You Can Leave Your Boots On is steeped in Texas atmosphere and full of heart. I recommend this book to people who prefer their love stories like good barbecue - sweet and smokin' hot.

Jump HERE to pre-order on Amazon.

4. Unnatural by Joanna Chambers

(release 11/24) Desire for this book is making me CRAZY! Historical m/m is my absolute weakness, and JChambers Enlightened trilogy is near the very top of my list of favorites. (Jump HERE to for the first book in the series, Provoked. Read the sample and I double-dare you not to download the whole thing after that.) Unnatural takes one of the side characters in the series, Captain Iain Sinclair, and gives him his own story. Joanna Chambers writes grounded, realistic historical romances about intelligent men who are struggling with the realities of their time. She puts some heat in there, too. 

Can. Not. Wait.

Jump HERE to pre-order on Amazon. Which I've already done. How many minutes left till 11/24?

5. A Seditious Affair by KJ Charles 

(release date 12/15) KJ Charles is pretty much an auto-buy for me, and this is the second book in her Society of Gentlemen series. I own the first book - A Fashionable Indulgence - but haven't read it yet because once I read it, I won't have it to look forward too anymore.

Which, lame.

These are Regency romances, historical m/m, so better than crack cocaine where I'm concerned. This one gets more into the politics of the era, and KJ Charles has promised a dark, gritty look at the time. And because it's KJ Charles, I know it'll involve a heart-stopping romance, too. I think the real reason I haven't read A Fashionable Indulgence yet is because I know I'll immediately want to start A Seditious Affair. Of course, by that logic I'd have to wait until A Gentleman's Position releases next April. Oh hell no...not waiting that long...

Jump HERE to pre-order a copy from Amazon.

Bonus! Hidden Scars by Amanda K. Byrne 

(released 9/22) Look! A girl! (heh) Hidden Scars is a hot little love story, one I first read back when Amanda was calling it What Didn't Happen. This book actually released this week, so you don't have to wait, you can just jump HERE to grab a copy from Amazon. Sara's haunted by her past, and Taylor's hunted by his. This isn't a case of auto-love; these two have to work for every moment of sweetness. When they get there, though, it's fireworks!

So there you have it. A reason to keep going as the days get shorter and the nights get colder. Any one of these books will heat your blood and warm your heart, and I hope you check them out.

If you've got a minute, leave your favorite upcoming release in the comments. I always like to add to my TBR pile...


  1. Aw, thanks for the boost!

  2. Ha! This almost exactly the list of books I'm looking forward to reading as soon as I finish the current WIP. :) So glad you enjoyed Real World!

    1. I loved it so much, last night we had stuffed shells in red sauce for supper. I'm working my way up to rigatoni.

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